Buy the best speakers for $100

What would I be able to state that hasn't as of now been said? In the event that you're searching for quality sound at a moderate value, this is your best alternative. It's entertaining, I've had these for a long time now and chose to attempt "fresher" earphones to contrast them with these and the distinctions are insignificant if non existent. I attempted the Bose, B&W, and Beats. The B&W were the nearest, then the Bose. In any case, were awesome however nothing justified regardless of the additional $, and the beats were waste (can't trust individuals spend such a great amount of cash on garbage). Unwavering quality = 100% These resemble the municipal's or camry's of the auto business, they simply continue working (and I'm harsh on them!) Another magnificent motivation to purchase these is that parts are replaceable. For instance, about a year prior I had bowed the jack by dropping my tablet on the floor arrival on the jack that was connected to (derp). But since Sony makes a substitution loop, I could without much of a stretch introduce another one! In any case, I'm not going to broadly expound with this audit on the grounds that there are a few of those as of now, I'm just presenting this on impart to you great individuals the wonder of these earphones.