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They sound superior to the bose home theater speakers. My Kenwood excelon x497 completely controls these speakers to their most extreme outing limit so you won't require an enhancer. I wish I could get all 6x9's yet I needed to get 6.5's in the front ways to fit. The kicker ds 6x9's are only somewhat more costly than the ds 6.5's yet the 6x9's sound better in view of a milder treble to keep brutal treble from making your earsring and have further bass that can likewise get louder.

In the event that you are introducing these speakers in the entryway you won't get great bass. The kicker ds 6.5's on my front entryway have sloppy bass and simply doesn't get boisterous. I got the ds 6x9s introduced behind the rearward sitting arrangement and the bass sounds profound, clear and noisy in the event that you turn it up yet nothing impeded boisterous. I wasn't anticipating that these speakers should go down to 30hz yet in the wake of boosting it up on the radio, it seemed like I had a subwoofer: the tag was rattling, you can see the cover behind the secondary lounge vibrating, the impression of the back view reflect vibrates and the side view reflects just somewhat vibrate to the punch notes (yet this might be a result of the 6.5's introduced on the entryways which have more punch than the 6x9s). However, this may be a result of how this auto was manufactured on the grounds that I saw that in the event that you hit the headrest of the rearward sitting arrangement it makes a profound blast that is kinda boisterous.

The tweeter's don't sound tantamount to the ds 6.5's however you most likely won't see it when theres a great deal of clamor around you. The highs (like 10,000hz and up) on the ds 6.5's sound around 2 or 3 decibels supported than the ds 6x9's. The ds 6.5's unquestionably have more upper midrange (around 2,000hz to 3,000hz) that I would get the opportunity to associate with 3 to 5 decibels louder than the 6x9's. I don't care for upper mid-go from 2000 hz to 3000 hz in light of many sounds being supported around that range to sound louder. I think you can conduit tape quarters to the 6.5's whether you need to lessen this upper mid-extend. I would channel tape close to 4 quarters. Be that as it may, you need to ensure you conduit tape it safely or you will hear a shake. I've done this trap to woofers to decrease their recurrence reverberation to sound like subwoofers and I don't care for that upper bass louder than the lower bass. Bass ought to sound similarly uproarious at all frequencies; 30hz ought to sound as noisy as 40hz, 60hz, and so on. Anything beneath 30hz doesn't make a difference. Bass over 60hz is the place is ought to begin somewhat calm down as it gets higher. These kicker ds 6x9's sound relatively noisy as the bass notes when they are behind the rearward sitting arrangement.

So don't expect great bass from these on the off chance that you are introducing them in the entryway. Introducing them behind the rearward sitting arrangement is an alternate story as I said before.

The bass will sound louder in the event that you explore different avenues regarding your windows; I found that have the both front windows the distance and the back windows as far as possible up supported the bass. Yet, this might be distinctive relying upon your auto. Also, you shouldn't trouble the window try if the speakers are on the entryway since lower the windows will decrease the bass due to the window confining the wind stream inside the entryway.
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What would I be able to state that hasn't as of now been said? In the event that you're searching for quality sound at a moderate value, this is your best alternative. It's entertaining, I've had these for a long time now and chose to attempt "fresher" earphones to contrast them with these and the distinctions are insignificant if non existent. I attempted the Bose, B&W, and Beats. The B&W were the nearest, then the Bose. In any case, were awesome however nothing justified regardless of the additional $, and the beats were waste (can't trust individuals spend such a great amount of cash on garbage). Unwavering quality = 100% These resemble the municipal's or camry's of the auto business, they simply continue working (and I'm harsh on them!) Another magnificent motivation to purchase these is that parts are replaceable. For instance, about a year prior I had bowed the jack by dropping my tablet on the floor arrival on the jack that was connected to (derp). But since Sony makes a substitution loop, I could without much of a stretch introduce another one! In any case, I'm not going to broadly expound with this audit on the grounds that there are a few of those as of now, I'm just presenting this on impart to you great individuals the wonder of these earphones.